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To be honest, we didn’t have enough information about blogging. We thank Maria for informing us and giving us the opportunity to set up her own blog and read different books. That’s why we decided to start our own blog. Thanks to him, we have the opportunity to contact other readers.

What books are you talking about and why?

Honestly, English is our favourite language and we read a large selection of books and articles in English. In other words, books help us feel better and develop our thoughts. Certainly those with much more depth. Collecting different experiences from different books is very fun. We’re going to read a book that’s going to keep everything. We are very fascinating to read and share the joy of reading with our friends.

Are you concentrating on a particular genre? If so, can you tell us a little bit about your passion? We’re in historical fiction. In addition, romance and non-fiction books are our favorites. Above all, we are ready to read all genres, but hardly read horror.

Who are your readers and followers? How do you handle them? [These comments refer to the English Book Club.]

Followers and visitors are a group of wonderful readers who are passionate about reading, chatting and being aware. It is noteworthy that some people come to us because they are interested in English books and learning English. Similarly, someone chooses to follow us out of curiosity. Frankly, the book club aroused a lot of curiosity among the Iranians. It is, in fact, the first in Iran. We are very interested in following other mail links. We hope you’ll follow us.

How do you attract new readers and followers?

Through indirect historical publications and a reading ecosystem. Most importantly, we are increasingly interested in introducing books through acting. We read ourselves and want to share such messages more. Just share our happiness and joy at reading. I hope other people do.

How do you interact with writers and publishers?

Social networks, messages, and emails on Instagram. We also feel honored and proud to interact with such make-love people. Our words don’t express our feelings when they contact us. Our most important task in the book club is to write an open letter to the authors of the selected book. Then we send letters from members to the authors. It actually planted interesting seeds for the members of the book club. It is noteworthy that professor David Almond was sent children’s letters for the book “Fire Eaters” and his friendly response was a wonderful event.

What trends or changes have you noticed in the book world?

We have noticed that young children are big fans of books with old readers and interested in book clubs. That’s why it motivates young readers to start reading. According to our best knowledge and belief, smartphones prevent children from reading. So sharing books through videos is useful and motivates them to keep reading. Books are so expensive these days. Moreover, access is not easy, especially in Iran. It would be highly appreciated to find a way to solve this problem. Another thing would be to share books on bookshelves, so keeping a book gives everyone the feel to read.