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Jana Clawson has a penchant for Chinese food, M&M, chocolate cakes, and handles adversity with a nice sense of humor. He gets involved in a vortex called Trevor Willis, Portland’s most qualified bachelor. He’s perfect in every way, but is his secret too much for their relationship?

As Jana flees to the Oregon coast to make a decision about Trevor, a car accident brings Jared Carpenter – a friendly brown-eyed physiotherapist who never turns off home cooking – into the mix. Jana’s unknown events, which were mobilized six years ago, threaten everything that is close to her, and her life depends on someone or both of these men. This book combines excitement, intrigue, action and subtle humor and keeps you updated from exciting to finish.


Donna Fuller was born in Illinois and lives in several places and currently lives in Butler, Pennsylvania. Sometimes he feels like a ping pong ball from coast to coast and back. His grandchildren give him the greatest pleasure. Donna has always been involved in writing, from magazines to Scout plays, to her children’s short stories and as a journalist for a small newspaper. He was recognized for his writing and taught to write workshops and retreats. Donna is the co-founder of the annual OHPA Writer’s Retreat in western Pennsylvania. He has published two novels: The Strand of Doubt and The Code Name Scorpio.
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In five years of blogging, I have read so many blog books. Some of them were amazing and really helped me move the needle in my shop while others were not good.

In this post, I’m talking about the 5 best blog books I’ve read that you can read in 2021 to help you expand your blog. These books contain all the good steps you can take to see an almost immediate difference in your business. In addition to telling you what to do, they also tell you what not to do so you don’t waste your time on tasks you shouldn’t do.

Essential ways for Sally Miller’s 6-digit bloggers

When I’m looking for great books for bloggers, I’m looking for them with good and practical advice, but also those that bring something else to the table! Unlike other books that only share blog tips, Sally goes much deeper into looking at the habits and systems of sex character bloggers Sally interviewed 17 successful bloggers to really dig deep into their backgrounds, habits and features, and the business strategies that made them so successful. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that all 17 bloggers share features and habits.

Sally breaks down three special ways that all six character bloggers have shared – and these are ways that can be applied to literally any area of your life! In addition to learning about the habits of six-figure bloggers, Sally also shares specific blogger business strategies and systems that you can use on your own blog.